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(please email us if there are any broken links or you have something to add to this page; listings on this page are from people or organizations I have personally spoken to and have their permission to post here)

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Support groupSUPPORT GROUPS (Links)

Active Heroes (to continue a mission to end veteran suicide)

Since the inception of Active Heroes, the programs have adapted to identify the triggering points associated with veteran suicide. Active Heroes has national programs in every state and regional programs serving with locations.

  • Active Challenges – Free events, seminars and Team Leader trainings for every state.
  • Peer mentors, business partners and resources in every state
  • A Military Family Retreat Center located in Shepherdsville, KY
  • A Military Family Community Center in Louisville, KY

Brain Injury Association of America (information, advocacy, support groups by State for Brain Injury)


You have to be a member of Facebook (this is free) in order to join these groups.  Be selective here.  Find a group or several groups to join.  Don’t be afraid to leave a group after you join if it doesn’t meet your needs.  Be cautious about giving out personal information (address, phone number, etc) out to people online.  Some groups are public (anyone can see posts), some are closed (cannot see posts unless you are a member), and some groups are private (by invitation only).

In the search bar use searches for public and closed groups:  “TBI”, “traumatic brain injury”, “concussion”, “polytrauma” “head injury”, “acquired brain injury”, “trauma support” “encephalopathy”  “stroke” “shunt” “craniotomy” or any combination of words you are looking to have support for.

Mental Health America  (list of support groups for various needs)



16 Petals of Blue Light (a couple’s journey from surviving to thriving with TBI; a story of love, tragedy, and rebirth)

Brain Attack – (a true story of stroke survival told through music; Blog to raise awareness and support for younger stroke survivors)

Carole J. Starr (brain injury survivor, keynote speaker, and author)

HOPE TBI (informational website site created and maintained by a Survivor of polytrauma and TBI)

Life Story (Survivor video made by Adrian Torbenson to tell his medical life story and help motivate others to never give up their dreams)

Replay Polo (Survivor teaches people with disabilities to ride horses)

The Story Begins (Survivor talks about his injuries and successful recovery)

Tears of Truth (chronic pain patient who lives with severe systemic-full body RSD/CRPS, Chiari One Malformation with symptoms brought on by an MVA)


BOOKS by Survivors/Caregivers

Almost – Andy Nicholson

It’s All In Your Head – Blaine Stanziana

My Miracle – Rodney L. Barnes

No Stone Unturned: A Father’s Memoir of His Son’s Encounter with Traumatic Brain Injury –  Joel Goldstein

Truth Be Told – Justine Johnston (JJ) Hemmestad


MUSIC by Survivors/Caregivers

Post Concussionist – A song about Traumatic Brain Injury – Vera Quijano

Into The FreeLori Conti

Invisible – by Scottish Head Injury Music Support Group

Hope Survives – Cristabelle Braden

We’re Gonna Make ItBrain Injury Awareness Music Video – Cristabelle Braden