This Website is a gift of love.  To myself, to my husband, to my mom, my children, and all those that have been touched by trauma in any form.  To those who have cared for me or tended to me in any way, I continue to learn something from each person I come into contact with.  Even those I may not readily remember.

When I came home from the hospital….my body was home, but not all of me….not really. While my body, though broken, was the same – when I looked into the mirror I saw someone familiar and yet strange to me at the same time.  I felt different in my body, in my spirit, and in my mind.

I am continually getting to learn the “new” me, while remembering, and in some instances mourning the me I used to be, that I no longer am.

OUR BLOG and UPDATES is a bit of a glimpse into the world of having a Polytrauma among other things.  The steps in this tumultuous journey I will share with you in these pages, as time goes on.  My goal is to be authentic, educate, share, and grow in my recovery, advocacy, and ability to cope.

Check out the various posts under the MY BLOG section of this Website.  Welcome.  Come on in, stay a while.