Sandra A. Blair – Survivor

Listen to Sandra’s story here, or read below:

My accident was 3 years ago, a car rollover. I am now 66.

The 1st week I didn’t notice, then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Everyone shares different problems. My memory was horrible. I called a Psychologist to have testing done. As she asked me my address etc. I had to look everyone up.

I still have headaches. If stressed or tired, my memory is still effected. I went for testing about 6 months ago to be sure I didn’t have a serious elderly problem also. I was tested and my long term memory was better than most but my short term memory is still not where it should be.

Personally I feel I’m at 90% now on a good day. I also have to wear glasses with prisms as I had eye problems, and I see much better. I had other injuries too. Today I found out I have a groin inaugural hernia. I have complained about it for 3 years and it showed a twisted muscle, but a new ultra sound and a new doctor showed a lower groin hernia. He agreed it was from accident. As a result of the accident my club foot was injured and I now use a wheel chair for longer walks.

Insurance Company wouldn’t accept that as I was born that way. I never had any problems since I was a child and nothing till the accidents. I feel it isn’t fair to use a birth defect against you.

So I guess I went beyond brain injury, but there is hope if you can get the help you need and do things for yourself. Good luck to you all and fight for what you need and bring someone with you to your appts. so you don’t forget to tell every problem your having.

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