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2nd Volume of “The Scapula Institute’s Newsletter”  – November 2018

The Crash Support Network – Second Chance At Life – March 2019 

(Originally listed in Picking Up The Pieces then Site incurred a name change to The Crash Support Network – article no longer at ,  it is now listed under  reached above)

Luck It – What It’s Like Surviving A Major Traffic Accident – April 2021



The founder of HOPE TBI #hope_tbi (Caren Robinson) is currently a volunteer Co-Host with Kim Justus #inaflash on Brain Injury Radio occurring monthly.  Listen to their radio show the 2nd Wednesday of every month live, or in the “on demand” links in the highlighted areas below.

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(Years below are 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019)


2022 Radio Shows

Kim and Caren Discuss Brain Fundamentals 101 – January 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Much like each computer has a Motherboard (The motherboard is the backbone that ties the computer’s components together at one spot and allows them to talk to each other. Without it, none of the computer pieces, could interact.) Similarly, the Brain acts as the Motherboard for the body. When it malfunctions, the brain components, and indeed many times other parts of the body stop running in synch. Brain Injury feels like we’ve been hijacked by malicious software, or a breakdown of key hardware components. All systems are not GO, and we suffer brain interruption. Tonight we’ll discuss brain basics, what each section corresponds to, and how injury can interrupt the entire bodily system.

Self Advocacy To Love For Self and Others – February 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

With Valentine’s a few days off, we decided to discuss Self Love (where a successful relationship begins) – how to become and self advocate, both formally and informally. Self love mean not settling for less than you deserve, and having a high regard for your own well being and happiness. When we learn that, we are free to share and pass it on, while tapping into our own higher selves.

There has been so much isolation among so many demographics these past couple years, perhaps Valentine’s Day may take a different turn for many – Those who pay the love forward, to others in need. Random acts of kindness for others, can make all the difference right now. Unite and fight for what we all really want on the bottom line – To love and be loved, and appreciated. It starts with us.

Peer Pressure and Brain Injury – March 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Kim and Caren will be discussing Peer Pressure as a causal factor for Brain Injury. Whether it’s a Gang or a Frat House, Sports, Social Media Dares and more .. Young people have been experiencing even more dibilitating or deadly brain injuries. These injuries level the playing field, because regardless of race, finances, religion, etc – Brain Injury doesn’t discriminate. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and this topic is one seldom discussed. This is unfortunate, because most of these injuries are preventable. Join us and see how you can help.

Grief and Renewal  – April 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Easter actually began as a pagan festival celebrating spring in the Northern Hemispherelong before the advent of Christianity. “Since pre-historic times, people have celebrated the equinoxes and the solstices as sacred times,”   Later, Easter became recognized as the highest celebration of Christianity. Because the resurrection establishes the belief in life after death. Happy Easter if that’s youHowever you believe, spring signals a time of renewal, when new life and color emerges.

Add the Virus and other news hot topics the past few years, and there has been ample opportunity for us to have reason to grieve. With more isolation, lock downs, fear mongering .. Grief over real losses of all kinds, has perhaps been even harder to bear. Grief is stressful enough, but add everything else mentioned, and no one has been immune to grief. We must take time to grieve, or we would never fully appreciate gratitude.

Tonight we discuss grief and renewal for brain injury survivors. We’ve felt the sorrow, now how do we refresh and move forward?

Alternative Treatments For Chronic Pain  – May 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

It doesn’t take a brain injury to suffer from chronic pain, but many who have experienced brain injury, also suffer from chronic pain issues. Many of us don’t want to add addiction to our laundry list of potentially life long health issues, are seeking alternative or more holistic ways to deal with pain. Tonight Kim and Caren will talk about some of the treatments that have helped them, the doctor probably hasn’t mentioned.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and How It Can Help You  – June 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Join Kim & Caren to discuss Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by individuals who apply them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of learned through experience to specific outcomes. Neurolinguistic programming is an approach that focuses on how you communicate with yourself and others, and how this affects your behaviors and outcomes.

Proponents of NLP assume all human action is positive. Therefore, if a plan fails or the doesn’t go as planned, the experience is neither good nor bad; it simply provides more useful information. Depending on who you source, NLP practitioners believe there are 5-6 natural levels of learning, communication, and change. Neurolinguistic programming is an approach that focuses on how you communicate with yourself and others, and how this affects your behaviors and behavior outcomes. Included tonight, Caren will lead us in a brief journey of guided imagery.

Lack of Motivation After Brain Injury  – July 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Adynamia: Understanding Lack of Motivation After Brain Injury When survivors demonstrate a lack of motivation and seem disengaged in daily activities it may be a condition called adynamia, which can result from damage to the frontal lobe.

Low motivation after brain injury is more a symptom of brain injury than a personal choice to be lazy. It’s important to understand why this occurs.  Join us on the show as we discuss Adynamia, how to utilize some strategies to manage it, and bring awareness to the possibilities of its affects.

Mental Health After Traumatic Brain Injury  – August 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Kim and Co-Host Caren, will be discussing Navigating Mental Health after a Brain Injury, and reframing our thought patterns. Can a brain injury lead to mental health conditions? How can we help ourselves self-regulate?

Simon Says: In My Absence Help Resources  – September 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Kim and Caren will be discussing the many matters of the brain, from injury impact, through what recovery will be, to adapting to what comes next and the possible add-on conditions from the original trauma. And what a long road it is. Introduction of some additional “help” resources  HOPE TBI Co-Op and the “Dear Joyce Exchange.”  Discussion of PTSD/PTS. 

Open Mic for anyway who would like to discuss their trials or triumps with Brain Injury. Join Us 🙂  Simon is recovering from a series of procedures and can’t make it tonight as hoped .. Our thoughts and prayers are with him .. As well as with Craig for complete resolution and healing.

The Miracle Child  – October 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Caren and Kim will be hosting Kelly and Mike Lang, authors of The Miracle Child: Traumatic Brain Injury and Me.  See:

Kelly’s brain injury advocacy career began after she and her 3-year-old daughter were injured in a horrific car accident in 2001. Kelly has served on the Board of the Brain Injury Association of Virginia and is a member of the Brain Injury Association of America’s Brain Injury Council as well as the Virginia Brain Injury Advisory Council. Kelly has worked with the National Center on Advancing Person-Centered Practices and Systems’ Brain Injury Learning Collaborative and is a member of the Traumatic Brain Injury Leadership Group and the Person-Centered Advisory Group. She has published articles and spoken to university classes, support groups, and other professionals regarding her family’s experience with brain injury.

Mike earned his Certified Safety Manager (CSM) designation in 2020 and has retained his Project Management Professional (PMP) designation since 2005. Michael is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP), and a program committee member of the National Safety Council.  

Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Process of Change – November 2022 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Be it seasonal affective disorder or change in general, adjusting to the “New & Different” is never without it’s challenges. Join Kim and Caren, call in and weigh in yourself too!

2021 Radio Shows

Neuroscience of Gratitude and Trauma – January 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Caren Robinson will be discussing the levels of trauma, triggers and awareness. When in the midst of a melt down, ever had a well meaning friend say, “Well just think positive!”  Not the most welcome message in that moment, when gratitude feels far away, and you’re smack in the middle of flight or fight. What are some options to balance trauma with more productive and realistic options.

Sex and Love Beyond The Chocolates – February 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Kim and Caren will be discussing the changes in love, sex, relationships, and our sense of self after suffering a brain injury. The dangers that can enter the new aspects of the relationship, and the simple joys we can be empowered to create on our own, or with someone. (repeat from 2020 show)

Beating the Stigma of Mental Health – March 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Caren Robinson and Kim will be discussing the state of “dis ease” and stigma attached to Mental Health. That, in and of itself is a broad issue .. Add TBI and things get really tricky. This has been a time as they say “that tries ones soul”.  Mental Health has taken a beating for kids, adults and everyone in between in this long relentless haul. Between politics, protests, pandemic, and personal challenges coping with the related fallout .. We have been pressed to our limits. Many have refused to seek help because of the stigma many times attached. Others are in need, indeed, but have in no way gotten immediate relief. Tonight we will talk about aspects of mental health and how we can raise awareness, take action, and find some relief.

TBI Time of Hope, Renewal, and New Beginnings – April 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Discussing hope and change, renewal and new beginnings! Reframing our thinking and positive psychology are just some of the ways we can navigate the course of life, much more smoothly. By now we are seeing signs of color and new life. We can make this time to enjoy getting back outside, and some attitude adjustment. Join us for this productive and interesting discussion!

Blast Injury and Acoustic TBI – May 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Blast Injury and Acoustic TBI.  We think of Blast Injury in terms of our Veterans .. At least that’s where most of us became aware of the term. Many have never heard of Acoustic TBI. These injuries are not veteran exclusive. Tune in tonight and hear how these types may be effecting you or your loved one(s).

Autoimmune Disorders and TBI – June 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Discussing Autoimmune Disorders. People are normally aware of the obvious ones, but there are so many more than the more common conditions you hear mentioned. Do YOU have an Autoimmune  Disorder? Does your Brain Injury constitute one? What other conditions that you wrestle with may be considered in that category?  You may be really surprised.

If you do have a condition(s) considered an auto immune disorder, what kind of pre-cautions do you take during “normal times” .. if any of us remember those, and how do we handle them under extreme circumstances like COVID?

Strengthening The Immune System – July 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Discussing strengthening the immune system and alternatives for bolstering the endocrine, carrying over from last months show in June 2021. Then…You just never know. Tune in and find out!

Vexing Variant and Ills of Evolving Insurance (specifically Tort vs No-Fault Auto Insurance) – August 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Discussing the ills of healthcare and the fault in no fault auto insurance .. Perhaps with their usual couple of brief detours! For one, the acceleration of the new variant of COVID, the mandates, vaccine & who do you trust?

Discussion of the Insurance Industry, both evolving Healthcare Plans & Auto Insurance. Do they have us covered?  Change is rampant and maybe not the direction we want it to go…

20th Anniversary 9-11, We Still Remember – September 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Kim and Caren will be remembering September 11th, 2001 on this 20th Anniversary of the horrific tragedy that changed our nation. Feel free to call in and share your direct or indirect recollections of 9-11.

James T. Ryder is a retired NYPD Officer, having retired after 20 years. On 9/11 he responded to Ground Zero and remained there for (4) years. His assignment changed on 9/11 from the Highway Patrol to the Office of Management & Planning where he was tasked, along with Det. Tom Neal and Lt. Andrew Costello to create and maintain the 9/11 DNA Database. James suffers from numerous 9/11-related ailments.

Recovery Now –  October 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Kim and Caren will be discussing their recent health challenges, coping with “piling on” and healthcare system. We welcome your calls and can be flexible about what’s on your mind! 

Honoring Veterans and Devil Dog’s Birthday – November 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Happy 246th Birthday to the United States Marines, and our Gratitude and Heartfelt Appreciation to those who have served this Veteran’s Day. 

I will be sharing an Amazing story about a Civil War Veteran Finally located & brought home through the efforts of a lifetime Brotherhood. My guest will be Veteran, Mike Pauly to tell the tale. Thanks too, Missing in America Project.

CALL TO ACTION for Help in a disgusting example of Veteran Homelessness and how you can help, not only in this situation, but across the country.  

Traditions, Old and New – December 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Holidays evoke Traditions. Circumstances help us hold on to age old traditions, as well as cause need to create new ones. Christmas is a time we often reflect on the music, snapshots, the food, friends and and family. Let’s take a walk down memory lane ,and share some of our own traditions. One of your old traditions may become a new one for me, and visa versa. What is the importance of traditions? 


Secondary PTSD created by TOXIC Healthcare or Toxic Providers – January 2020 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

(We will discuss Secondary PTSD created by the healthcare industry/toxic providers. I can’t tell you how many listeners, including myself, have been frustrated by the lack of knowledge or consistency found about brain injury in the “traditional medical model.”  Our injuries alone can leave us with PTSD, but when that’s compounded by those who are tasked with helping us .. Well, that’s just wrong .. How to recognize this dynamic, and how to be our own best advocate will be discussed.

We will also talk about PTSD and TBI as co-morbidities and how to tell them apart. Co-morbity refers to two conditions existing in the same person. Co-morbidity can imply interactions between the illnesses that can worsen the course of both. )

Love, Sex, and TBI – Beyond the Chocolates – February 2020 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

(Discussing the changes in love, sex, relationships, and our sense of self after suffering a brain injury. The dangers that can enter the new aspects of the relationship, and the simple joys we can be empowered to create on our own, or with someone.)

March Madness To Awareness, March is Brain Injury Awareness Month–  March 2020 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

( We are discussing the basics of Brain Injury in an effort to raise up the understanding, as we begin Brain Injury Awareness Month. Among the topics discussed will be: Mindfulness Techniques, Meditation, Positive Psychology, EMDR and other holistic techniques. Building bridges and synapses the Non Pharma way! )

Down the Rabbit Hole During COVID-19 – April 2020 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

(We are discussing, reaching out and staying connected during this difficult time in our history. Will provide tips, and avenues of support.  From there, you just never know where that will lead us!)

Recovery Now – May 2020 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

(We are discussing Surviving the Virus. Common theme these days, but on people’s minds. So much fluid information changing so quickly, much of it with conflicting messages. We survived a game changing event before .. Here we go again)

The Many Manifestations of Stroke – June 2020 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

(Like many brain injuries, there is so much to be learned and a good share of mis-information out there. We hope to provide a better understanding of the particulars of what various types of strokes entail, to promote awareness and prevention.)

Brain Injury, Impacts, Support Resources & other Matters of the Brain! – July 2020 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

Roads Less Traveled – What We Did on Our Summer Vacation” – Did you go, did you not? Considerations & Confusion on COVID – August 2020 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

(gatherings, travel, health, school, politics, masks, contact … Oh my! – We will welcome callers to participate in their COVID experiences.  I know we have heard a LOT about this subject in 2020, but so many things are impacted, it seldom gets too far from our minds. Would appreciate hearing how all of you are coping! Sprinkle that with a bit of healing music & we’ll call it a show!! )

Continuing Cost of Ground Zero – September 2020 with Caren Robinson, Kim Justus and James Ryder

(James T. Ryder is a 20-year Veteran, ow retired, from the NYPD. Prior to his time with the NYPD he served in the United States Marine Corps during the Cold War under Ronald Reagan.

On 9/11 James was assigned to security at Ground Zero for the first 8 days, then was transferred to what is  referred to as the ‘think tank’ of NYPD, the Office of Management, Analysis & Planning (OMAP).  It was there that he was tasked, along with LT Andy Costello and Detective Tom Neal, to build what was known as the DNA Database. This Database was used to identify bodies, body parts, personal property, photographs, employee ID cards and much more.)

Life After Trauma, The Road Back To A Functional and Happy Life – October 2020 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

(Life after trauma .. Daunting challenge, like a road trip without the map and no place to stop ask directions! Can you say “Lost?”  Brain Injury and PolyTrauma offer unique challenges of their own, but add lack of access to support, coupled with a trauma induced environment .. Things can start to feel helpless/hopeless. Times like these affect the body, mind and soul, imprinting a memory of the traumatic event(s), that can manifest in many ways. This most often leads to symptoms of PTSD, along with those of the original trauma.

Join Kim and Caren, as they discuss Trauma and the road back to a functional and happy life.)

Honoring Our Veterans – November 2020 with Caren Robinson, Kim Justus, and Beau Hendricks

(Caren and Kim will recognize Veterans Day – Thanks to all our Veterans for your sacrifice and service, and that of your family .. Freedom is Never Free.

Our guest tonight is Veteran, Beau Hendricks. Beau joined the Navy after high school and retired from the military as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army in 2019. In 2007 he was critically injured in Iraq by a rocket blast. He spent several years on active duty still serving, while recovering from hisTBI, and multiple other bodily injuries. After retiring, Beau has decided to go into coaching resilience. See:

Cognitive Function and TBI – December 2020 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

(Kim and Caren will be discussing the Cognitive Issues often associated with traumatic brain injury. Things like cognitive performance, reserve, fatigue & more .. What they mean, signs and symptoms, disease processes that complicate them – Everything you wanted clarity on. So many of us know that “something isn’t right,” but can’t identify it readily after our injuries. In an effort to be our own best advocates, it helps to be versed in what we need. This program will help you identify those difficulties, and talk about tips to help temper them.)

2019 Radio Shows

Caren’s Journey and HOPE TBI – July 2019 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

(On January 4, 2014 Caren Robinson was involved in a catastrophic head on collision with her youngest son. Caren’s seatbelt failed and she was ejected approximately 10-15 feet from the vehicle and sustained an initial loss of consciousness for an unknown amount of time before EMS arrived.

Caren suffered a complex high energy blunt polytrauma with multiple injuries. Some of those injuries included multiple orthopedic fractures, closed traumatic brain injury, and soft tissue injuries, along with other medical challenges.

Sharing what she learns through her recovery journey, self-led research, self-advocacy, and survival experiences have become her way of coping and healing on the inside, while her body healed on the outside.

Caren created Web Site and Blog to help take the struggle out of finding resources and information when someone is faced with a Trauma – from a Polytrauma or Brain Injury.

[August and September 2019 – no shows]

The Cost of Trauma on Recovery – October 2019 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

(We remember the social trauma of 9-11-2001, changing the way Americans live from that day forward. We also remember the day each of us experienced the personal trauma, shaping our lives again forever. “Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event. Trauma is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one’s ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with that experience”)

Brain Injury Support Resources – November 2019 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

( Discuss Resources and Support for the Brain Injury Community – Where do we find these things. The merit of doing so, as well as the challenges can be daunting. )

Ho Ho Ho – Join Us For the Show – December 2019 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

( We discuss the naughty and nice of brain injury during the holidays .. Some holiday tunes, and some calls from you!!  Tips on how to survive the holiday season, and the origins of Christmas. )


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