TBI Diagnostics

There are many ways to perform diagnostics to evaluate for a Traumatic Brain Injury.  It is possible to have negative results in some or most things listed below and still have one however.  Diagnostic scans should be seen as a valuable tool to couple with the patient’s history, type of injury, mechanism of injury, number of injuries received, length of chronic symptomology after an injury and subjective data from the patient themselves as well.

Just click on type of Diagnostic below to get more information about it.  This will take you to a new page.  Medical science is changing all the time, so check back often for new additions to this page.

Initial Cognitive Exam/Assessment

CT Scan

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) DTI (diffusion tensor imaging), SWI (susceptability weighted imaging) and MRS (spectroscopy)



PET Scan

Neuropsychological Exams

Visual Processing Testing 

Auditory Testing

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