Paid Service Options

Hi, I’m Caren. I am a Medical Advocacy Consultant, Certified Transformation Coach, and Certified Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coach.

HOPE TBI has partnered with Vital Ability, LLC to provide the services that are offered here on this page.

I am a survivor of brain injury and polytrauma. I educate and advocate about how to move from survivor to thriver.

Virtual Workshops

One of the services offered through the HOPE TBI site as a partner with Vital Ability, LLC are professional “workshops” to bring information about, and awareness to, brain injury and polytrauma.

The workshops can be tailored for your organization, group, class or event. The workshops are organized for informational purposes only.

Membership Services

One of the services offered through the HOPE TBI site are monthly membership services for individuals and groups.

Membership services for groups vary in price based on number of members being served virtually in one workshop.

Both memberships include a specific number of individual 1:1 hourly mentor sessions per month; interactive and informational worksheets; templates; assistance with navigating resources, an accountability partner, and direct support through emails and text.

Being grateful is being thankful for all that you have, all that you have survived, all that you are overcoming – yet never settling for less than what you can be.

~ Caren Robinson