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HOPE TBI is a safe space for Polytrauma and Brain Injury Stories. While we appreciate anyone taking the time to leave a comment regarding any of the stories on this Site, we will not be publicly posting any comments towards anyone that tears them down.

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Life is very different for those who experience a body trauma and a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Not only is it different for that particular person, it is different for their family friends, and colleagues as well.

As all adjust to the varying degrees of this “new normal”, many are also recovering from additional physical injuries or changes that their trauma might have caused.  A brain injury changes every facet of your life, there is not one part that is not affected in some way.  It can change your memories of the past, your ability to function to your optimal level in the present, and any plans you had for your future.  

A Traumatic Brain Injury changes the way you communicate, the way you see and perceive things, the way you process things. it changes the way you look at yourself as an individual.  It changes the way you look at others. It changes your relationships, your emotions, and it sometimes is fatal and takes your life.  

For those who are SURVIVORS and CAREGIVERS of bodily trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury/Acquired Brain Injury…..this is for you!  Here among these pages, you will not only find my story of Survival and ongoing Rehabilitation, but those of others as well.

Please remember that while we all share similar experiences and symptoms, we are all on our own recovery journey.  There are no two trauma’s or Brain Injuries that are the same. There is no right or wrong way to recover.  What works for one person may not work for another.  Please keep an open mind when reading about their experiences.

We are offering these stories as HOPE, support, and ideally as a source of inspiration.  Perhaps you will come across something that will help you or someone you know.

In all of this, whether you are a SURVIVOR or a CAREGIVER,  a friend, coworker, family member, or healthcare provider – you are not alone.

You are worth something. Your part in your story is important to be heard. Let us help share your voice.


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5 thoughts on “Your Stories

  1. A Head Injury Comes With A Life Sentence & The Only Diagnosis For A Brain Injury Is……..HOPE. I am a two time brain injury survivor, 37 years first TBI, 28 Years second TBI, I coined those two phrases some 35 years ago…….. you wouldn’t believe what I have survived. …..

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  2. my mom does not know how help recover. she has done things and said thing that made feel incompitant. no one has been able to help me. please helo


    • George, hello. Thank you for visiting our site. I have sent you an email in response to your posted comment. I am sorry you have felt hurt by your mom. Please consider that she may be doing the best with what knowledge she has….which may or may not be very much about your injury.

      I can tell you that if there is one thing that is consistent with almost everyone I read about or talk to regarding our TBI’s is that looming anxiety, fear, or feeling of appearing incompetent, or being mislabeled, or misdiagnosed.

      The reality is, that while those things may or may not be true things to be concerned about, we all struggle in different ways after a TBI.

      The truth is, that struggle or difference can be silent, appear as incompetence to those not living it directly or who have not educated themselves to know about what to look for and how to be a strong support system. There can also be real incompetence based on the level of injury.

      Try as we might to explain what it is like to have a TBI/ABI to a friend, loved one, or healthcare provider – is not easy, not necessarily consistent (as our brains and their processes are always changing) – and may feel impossible.

      Learn as much as you can about your injury. Tell your story. Your story matters. Hopefully, you will find comfort in talking with others who share your same struggles and experiences.

      Keep coming back here. We are glad you stopped by.

      Never give up George. Never give up HOPE!


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