Caregivers and Healthcare Providers








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2 thoughts on “Caregivers and Healthcare Providers

  1. My son has a severe Tbi from a MVA 6 yrs ago at age 15. He’s now 21. Not a great recovery, nonverbal in a WC . We care for him at home. Spouse gave up his identity and became nurse, aid. Me mom works as RN at medical ctr, keeping benefits and a roof over our heads. 1/2 income, lots of struggles on marriage , time. Interpersonal issues. At time of MVA daughter age 17 was driver. Thanks. Wake up everyday to this for 6 yrs

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    • I would be honored to post your story here. Please consider submitting and sharing your efforts and this journey with others. You guys are amazing. Thank you for your selflessness and continued dedication to your son.


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