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Brain Attack – (a true story of stroke survival told through music; Blog to raise awareness and support for younger stroke survivors)

Carole J. Starr (brain injury survivor, keynote speaker, and author)

HOPE TBI (informational website site created and maintained by a Survivor of polytrauma and TBI)

In A Flash (Kim hosts a weekly radio show on Blog Talk Radio’s Brain Injury Radio Network. Her program, Recovery Now, is on every Wednesday night at 10pm Eastern, 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain and 7pm Pacific time. Additionally, Kim periodically fills-in for other hosts as needed!

Jumbled Brain (survivor website) A brain injury survivor, Michelle Munt, coaching survivors and caregivers through their brain injury experiences.

Life Beyond Brain Injury – (survivor website) When we are injured, we rely on the health care system to help us. When we are wronged, we rely on the legal system to help us seek justice. What if you found yourself in a situation where neither were on your side?​

Life Story (Survivor video made by Adrian Torbenson to tell his medical life story and help motivate others to never give up their dreams)

Love Your Brain (programs that are designed to build community, foster resilience, and help people understand the importance of loving their brain)

Murray Dunlap (Survivor website talks about his life after trauma; Published Author)

Replay Polo (Survivor teaches people with disabilities to ride horses)

Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury (Caregiver website about being a caretaker to her husband who sustained a brain injury)

The Story Begins (Survivor talks about his injuries and successful recovery)

Tears of Truth (chronic pain patient who lives with severe systemic-full body RSD/CRPS, Chiari One Malformation with symptoms brought on by an MVA)

Vital Ability, LLC  (Transitional Life Coach, Medical Advocacy Consultant; Professional Speaker) Provides Certified Life, Career and Executive coaching services for people going through Transitions in their life.  They also have a Brain Injury Support Recovery Program to assist the community with acquiring additional information, strategies, and coping tools for their own journey or the journey of someone they know.

BOOKS by Survivors/Caregivers

Almost – Andy Nicholson

Behind The Glass – Adrian Torbenson

Blessings Every Day, Never Ask Why; Never Give Up – Melissa Whyte Hickson

Falling Ashes – Adrian Torbenson

Hootie’s Hollow and the Magic Tree – Kim Justus

In A Flash – Kim Justus

It’s All In Your Head – Blaine Stanziana

My Miracle – Rodney L. Barnes

No Stone Unturned: A Father’s Memoir of His Son’s Encounter with Traumatic Brain Injury – Joel Goldstein

Prisoners Without Bars: A Caregivers Tale – Donna Figurski

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury – The Caregiver’s Perspective – Bobby Porter

The Miracle Child – Kelly and Michael Lang

To Root and To Rise: Accepting Brain Injury – Carole Starr

Truth Be Told – Justine Johnston (JJ) Hemmestad


MUSIC by Survivors/Caregivers

Hope Survives – Cristabelle Braden

Into The Free – Lori Conti

Invisible – by Scottish Head Injury Music Support Group

Just Can’t Move On – Adrian Torbenson

Post Concussionist – A song about Traumatic Brain Injury – Vera Quijano

We’re Gonna Make It – Brain Injury Awareness Music Video – Cristabelle Braden