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This site is here to help take the struggle out of finding resources and information when someone is faced with a Trauma from a Polytrauma or Brain Injury, and the resulting conditions from those injuries (acute or chronic pain, symptoms, experiences, processes, etc) and various treatment options available.

Whether the result of that Trauma is from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) such as a Sports Concussion, a Wreck (vehicle accident), Blunt Trauma from a Violent Act, Veteran from one of our Armed Forces with a blast injury, a multi-system trauma, medical procedure, or an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) – like a shunt, medical event (like a stroke, surgery, aneurysm, tumor, seizure, etc)….or something not so seemingly simple/harmless as a slip and fall.

No matter who you are, if you are looking to have a better understanding – then this site is for you.

The most important thing you can do is advocate for yourself or others. You know your body better than anyone and that knowledge will enable you to get what you need. You have to be vocal and relentless. Sometimes you have to be a voice for the voiceless. We may have an invisible disability. That means the burden is on us to educate those around us – including the medical establishment – in order to have our needs addressed. And yeah, sometimes that sucks. However, you are not alone in this endeavor. Be brave, be bold, be proactive.

If you can find just one thing here in these pages that you did not know or might be useful, then here at HOPE TBI, our efforts will have been worth everything and made this all worthwhile.  So come on in, explore each tab, link, and written experience.       You are welcome here.

Introduction to HOPE TBI

Help One Person Excel – To Be Independent

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  1. I had brain sugery
    Now I battle with memory loss and anxiety. When experiencing any stress I cannot remember what I know.
    I also have a auto immune problem. Find I reacts to certain foods and other things.
    It is tuff to advocates for myself as I offten forget what I need to say. Offten I get treated as if I have no intelligence by certan doctors.

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  2. My husband contracted Bacterial Meningitis. He is left with a NEUROLOGIC BLADDER CONDITION. presently Self Catheterizing. Hope to attend support group with his similar condition. We are also looking for solutions to reverse the self cath which is bothering his life quality for himself & our family. Hope to hear from you. Oh we live in West Covina, ca 91790 USA

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    • Rose, Thanks for taking the time to visit HOPE TBI and share your medical journey regarding your husband. Finding alternative solutions can be daunting and sometimes feel overwhelming. It sounds like you care for your husband a great deal and are making every effort to help him continue making strides to developing a quality of life that brings support and solutions. I am glad to share any information I have come across.


  3. Would you be interested in my sons story? He sustained a TBI 19/4/15 when a vehicle he was a passenger in was hit by a drunk driver. His scull was decompressed 25 mm the area the side of your open hand and his whole brain moved 3.5mm to the left side. He has started a blog called life less limits. Please have a look and if you think it would be suitable contact him on Facebook. Dylan czeladka he is 23 years old

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    • Kath….thank you for checking out our website. To answer your question, we would be honored to share your son’s story. We welcome all brain injury stories….even yours…. as his mom and how this has affected you on a parent level. Your story may help other parents who have a child (regardless of their childs age). Please consider submitting yours as well. Thank you for reaching out. Never give up HOPE


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