Story Submission Guide

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    Hello there. Thank you for your interest and considering our site to share your story.. I would be honored to tell your story as you wish to share it. We are glad to correct spelling so don’t worry about that.

    I want you to be able to tell your story your way. Some things to include in your story that people often have questions about, are listed in the questions below:

    1. What happened to cause your bodily trauma and/or TBI? What injuries did you sustain? When did this occur (Date or Season and Year, or)

    2. How old were you when you acquired your TBI? How many concussions or TBI’s have you had? How old are you now?

    3. How Long was your recovery? If still recovering what are you involved in for care?

    4. Can you identify what your biggest struggles are or have been over the weeks/months/years?

    5. Where do you live now?

    6. What do you want other people to know about your experiences?

    7. Why did you choose to tell your story?

    8. What name do you want represented online (first and last please)

    9. Do you have any pictures you want to submit of you before, during, or after? (accident, hospital stay, incident, etc?)

    Please feel free to add more information than the questions listed. This is just a helpful starting point.


    Ways to submit your story:

    Writing it or typing it and submitting a copy as a saved PDF version of your story, emailing your story to, videotaping yourself telling your story and then we can post your video or type up your story from your video (if you don’t want the video online); or submitting a voice recording telling your story; and please consider submitting pictures to validate your story and make it more personal to others.

    Who can submit a story?  Survivor, Healthcare Provider, Caregiver, Family relative, friend, etc.  As long as everything is factual.

    Can a story be submitted for someone who has died?  Yes, if their story involved sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury or bodily trauma, and their death was a result of bodily trauma and or Traumatic Brain Injury/Acquired Brain Injury. Please message if you have any questions. You can be the voice of their story if you knew them personally.

    Also for you to know…I am not representing any business and there is no compensation for sharing your story. I am a Survivor and saw a need I wanted to help with as much as possible. We post stories on this site to give people a voice to tell their story and a place where others can read it.

    E-publish simply means (for our purposes) to post on our site.

  • Please feel free to forward the link of this page to anyone you think would be interested….

    This website will continue to grow as people submit stories.