Survivor Writing Prompt

survivorThank you for your Surviving, for putting forth effort every day, for never giving up on yourself. I would be honored to tell your story as you wish to share it. We are glad to correct spelling so don’t worry about that.

I want you to be able to tell your story your way. Some things to include in your story that people often have questions about, are listed in the questions below….

Please feel free to add more than the questions listed. This is just a helpful starting point for a Survivor story:

1. What happened to cause your bodily trauma and/or TBI? What injuries did you sustain?

2. When did your Injury occur (Date or Season and Year)?

3. How old were you when you acquired your Brain Injury or Polytrauma? How old are you now?

4. If you sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury, was this your first one? How many concussions or TBI’s have you had previously?  Were you diagnosed right away?

5. If you sustained a Polytrauma, what were your various injuries?

6. How Long was your recovery? If still recovering what are you involved in for care (physical therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, etc)?

7. Can you identify what your biggest struggles are or have been over the weeks/months/years?

8. How have your injuries impacted your life?

9. Have you had the social support, financial support, and resources you needed to recover?

10.  How have your injuries impacted your relationships with others, with your employment, with a spouse, with family, with yourself?

11. Where do you live now (State, Country)?

12. What kinds of activities are you able to do from day to day?  What kinds of coping strategies do you use?  What do you do for any chronic pain or symptoms from injuries?

13. What do you want other people to know about your experiences?

14. Why did you choose to tell your story?

15. What name do you want represented online (first and last please)

16. Do you have any pictures you want to submit of you before, during, or after? (accident, hospital stay, incident, etc?)

17.  What things have you felt, saw, smelled, touched, experienced that stood out to you? What part of these things helped you or hindered you?

Please feel free to add more information than the questions listed. This is just a helpful starting point.


Ways to submit your story:

Writing it or typing it and submitting a copy as a saved PDF, then emailing your PDF to

If you are unable to write or type, then another option is Videotaping yourself telling your story and then we can post your video or type up your story from your video (if you don’t want the video online);

Submitting a voice recording telling your story is another option.  Please submit as an MP3 or MP4.

Please be prepared to validate your story. You may want to include before and after pictures to make it more personal to others as well.



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