2019 Radio Show Archive

2019 Radio Shows

Caren’s Journey and HOPE TBI – July 2019 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

(On January 4, 2014 Caren Robinson was involved in a catastrophic head on collision with her youngest son. Caren’s seatbelt failed and she was ejected approximately 10-15 feet from the vehicle and sustained an initial loss of consciousness for an unknown amount of time before EMS arrived.

Caren suffered a complex high energy blunt polytrauma with multiple injuries. Some of those injuries included multiple orthopedic fractures, closed traumatic brain injury, and soft tissue injuries, along with other medical challenges.

Sharing what she learns through her recovery journey, self-led research, self-advocacy, and survival experiences have become her way of coping and healing on the inside, while her body healed on the outside.

Caren created Web Site and Blog to help take the struggle out of finding resources and information when someone is faced with a Trauma – from a Polytrauma or Brain Injury. www.hopetbi.com)

[August and September 2019 – no shows]

The Cost of Trauma on Recovery – October 2019 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

(We remember the social trauma of 9-11-2001, changing the way Americans live from that day forward. We also remember the day each of us experienced the personal trauma, shaping our lives again forever. “Psychological trauma is a type of damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event. Trauma is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one’s ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with that experience”)

Brain Injury Support Resources – November 2019 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

( Discuss Resources and Support for the Brain Injury Community – Where do we find these things. The merit of doing so, as well as the challenges can be daunting. )

Ho Ho Ho – Join Us For the Show – December 2019 – Caren Robinson and Kim Justus – Brain Injury Radio

( We discuss the naughty and nice of brain injury during the holidays .. Some holiday tunes, and some calls from you!!  Tips on how to survive the holiday season, and the origins of Christmas. )

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