2021 Radio Show Archive

2021 Radio Shows

Neuroscience of Gratitude and Trauma – January 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Caren Robinson will be discussing the levels of trauma, triggers and awareness. When in the midst of a melt down, ever had a well meaning friend say, “Well just think positive!”  Not the most welcome message in that moment, when gratitude feels far away, and you’re smack in the middle of flight or fight. What are some options to balance trauma with more productive and realistic options.

Sex and Love Beyond The Chocolates – February 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Kim and Caren will be discussing the changes in love, sex, relationships, and our sense of self after suffering a brain injury. The dangers that can enter the new aspects of the relationship, and the simple joys we can be empowered to create on our own, or with someone. (repeat from 2020 show)

Beating the Stigma of Mental Health – March 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Caren Robinson and Kim will be discussing the state of “dis ease” and stigma attached to Mental Health. That, in and of itself is a broad issue .. Add TBI and things get really tricky. This has been a time as they say “that tries ones soul”.  Mental Health has taken a beating for kids, adults and everyone in between in this long relentless haul. Between politics, protests, pandemic, and personal challenges coping with the related fallout .. We have been pressed to our limits. Many have refused to seek help because of the stigma many times attached. Others are in need, indeed, but have in no way gotten immediate relief. Tonight we will talk about aspects of mental health and how we can raise awareness, take action, and find some relief.

TBI Time of Hope, Renewal, and New Beginnings – April 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Discussing hope and change, renewal and new beginnings! Reframing our thinking and positive psychology are just some of the ways we can navigate the course of life, much more smoothly. By now we are seeing signs of color and new life. We can make this time to enjoy getting back outside, and some attitude adjustment. Join us for this productive and interesting discussion!

Blast Injury and Acoustic TBI – May 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Blast Injury and Acoustic TBI.  We think of Blast Injury in terms of our Veterans .. At least that’s where most of us became aware of the term. Many have never heard of Acoustic TBI. These injuries are not veteran exclusive. Tune in tonight and hear how these types may be effecting you or your loved one(s).

Autoimmune Disorders and TBI – June 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Discussing Autoimmune Disorders. People are normally aware of the obvious ones, but there are so many more than the more common conditions you hear mentioned. Do YOU have an Autoimmune  Disorder? Does your Brain Injury constitute one? What other conditions that you wrestle with may be considered in that category?  You may be really surprised.

If you do have a condition(s) considered an auto immune disorder, what kind of pre-cautions do you take during “normal times” .. if any of us remember those, and how do we handle them under extreme circumstances like COVID?

Strengthening The Immune System – July 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Discussing strengthening the immune system and alternatives for bolstering the endocrine, carrying over from last months show in June 2021. Then…You just never know. Tune in and find out!

Vexing Variant and Ills of Evolving Insurance (specifically Tort vs No-Fault Auto Insurance) – August 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Discussing the ills of healthcare and the fault in no fault auto insurance .. Perhaps with their usual couple of brief detours! For one, the acceleration of the new variant of COVID, the mandates, vaccine & who do you trust?

Discussion of the Insurance Industry, both evolving Healthcare Plans & Auto Insurance. Do they have us covered?  Change is rampant and maybe not the direction we want it to go…

20th Anniversary 9-11, We Still Remember – September 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Kim and Caren will be remembering September 11th, 2001 on this 20th Anniversary of the horrific tragedy that changed our nation. Feel free to call in and share your direct or indirect recollections of 9-11.

James T. Ryder is a retired NYPD Officer, having retired after 20 years. On 9/11 he responded to Ground Zero and remained there for (4) years. His assignment changed on 9/11 from the Highway Patrol to the Office of Management & Planning where he was tasked, along with Det. Tom Neal and Lt. Andrew Costello to create and maintain the 9/11 DNA Database. James suffers from numerous 9/11-related ailments.

Recovery Now –  October 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Kim and Caren will be discussing their recent health challenges, coping with “piling on” and healthcare system. We welcome your calls and can be flexible about what’s on your mind! 

Honoring Veterans and Devil Dog’s Birthday – November 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Happy 246th Birthday to the United States Marines, and our Gratitude and Heartfelt Appreciation to those who have served this Veteran’s Day. 

I will be sharing an Amazing story about a Civil War Veteran Finally located & brought home through the efforts of a lifetime Brotherhood. My guest will be Veteran, Mike Pauly to tell the tale. Thanks too, Missing in America Project. miap.us

CALL TO ACTION for Help in a disgusting example of Veteran Homelessness and how you can help, not only in this situation, but across the country.  

Traditions, Old and New – December 2021 with Caren Robinson and Kim Justus

Holidays evoke Traditions. Circumstances help us hold on to age old traditions, as well as cause need to create new ones. Christmas is a time we often reflect on the music, snapshots, the food, friends and and family. Let’s take a walk down memory lane ,and share some of our own traditions. One of your old traditions may become a new one for me, and visa versa. What is the importance of traditions? 

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