Video and News Discovery

I just learned within the last week that there was news footage about the wreck I was in with my son.  The wreck that changed the course of many more lives than just the 3 people (myself, my son, and the other driver) directly involved in the wreck.  It would change the life of everyone that was involved that day.  Whether a good Samaritan, police officer, or EMS/Fire.

I am still in the throws of processing this new information myself.  New to me anyway.  Anything that may have been told to me before about it, I have no existing memories of.

So it has been 20 months and 9 days since the wreck as of this writing.  I do not know why I didn’t know about the news coverage until recently.  Once I found out, I tried looking all over for this information. I am glad I found what I did.  I am learning more every day.  This has been essential to my recovery.

I found out that it had been indeed published on Channel 3, Channel 17 (FOX), and Wood TV 8.  I also found out in the online search that a gentleman had also taken video footage of the scene towards the end of the rescues and posted this to youtube.

The discovery of the youtube video was a long awaited blessing.  The information provided was crucial and substantial to me and my family. It was snowing, the roads appeared icy, and as we would have confirmed for us it was very cold and windy as well. Apparently I was already being taken to the hospital when he started filming.  You see a couple of spots on the video that show his windshield wipers going.  You also hear dispatch communication at 1m:39sec that speaks of the extrication being completed and now they are going to clean up.  Dispatch says it is 12:42 (when extrication of other driver was completed).

Listed below is what the videographer wrote on his youtube synopsis of the video he posted:

Published on Jan 4, 2014 (on youtube)

Wyoming fire dept on scene of a head-on-crash on Gezon parkway near Byron center ave.

There were two patients 1 was ejected and the other was trapped in the car. a Chevy Silverado truck collided with a chevy cavalier both victims were priority 1 taken to the hospital. Police are investigating.

Units on scene were: engine 77, medic 87, AMR, 3 Wyoming police cars, and reserve engine 79 all Fire units were from Wyoming station 4. Thanks for watching please comment like or subscribe and be safe in the weather ahead.  P.I with entrapment and ejection on Gezon ( video here)

[the van was actually a Chevrolet Venture, however, yes – the car was a Chevrolet Cavelier]

and the journey continues…..I will share more as I know it and am able