Dark Night

I am hurting so much tonight.  I had 2 Baclofen to help with the super incredible muscle spasms which seem to be happening more and more and with an exhuberant intensity.  My head has been rocking out some pretty intense headaches and sometimes it feels like my head will pop off my shoulders from the throbbing and crushing feeling that comes with them.

Finished my first day on a new Thyroid medication.  Hopefully this will get my system back to pre-wreck status….its taken me over 2 months to get this since initially prescribed. Hope beyond hope at this point. 

If I had tears to shed I dont think I would ever stop crying sometimes. Sometimes those tears flow at the most awkward times.  Then other times, like now, when it feels I SHOULD be crying…the tears are nowhere to be found…almost lime they arent capable of flowing. I am glad for my life.  However the pain in general, the nerve pain, the spasms…..its just damn exhausting. I mean seriously, it wears me out and then I am rocking in bed while laying down until I can fall asleep and escape that pain for a little while.  Too tjred to sleep.  Brain racing from thought to thought…….ok….gonna try and catch some zzz’s.will catch up this weekend with you folks.

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