Site Owner – Caren Robinson

Hello there. I am a polytrauma and TBI survivor. I acquired mine from a wreck (head on collision) where my seatbelt failed and I was ejected (see Frequently Asked Questions page for more details).

I for a long time, felt it wasn’t important to “show” a picture of who I was.  I have gotten lots of requests for this though. I realize people want to see a “real” person. I wanted and still want… the site to be something that could be relatable regardless of what a person looks like….because after all…TBI is often invisible. So are most bodily trauma’s once the bones heal. Yet this is NOT the end of the healing process.

 This website is a growing passion for me with the more I advocate for myself, learn about myself, and learn about others experiences. This website is an outlet for my continued healing, rehabilitation processes, and a way to share what I have learned with others.  Helping One Person Excel I truly believe…begins with who I see in the mirror each day – Me.

To Be Independent is always the goal….yet that comes with a lot of dimensions and levels of intricate obstacles.  I hope that you find something in the pages of this site that help you, or someone you know.

If you’d like to share your story, or offer a guest blogging post …that would be amazing. Your story matters. Are you a Survivor, Caregiver,  Family Member, Healthcare Provider, Friend, Employer, Co-worker?  Whether the person is living or deceased…their story still matters.

Feel free to ask me questions in comments below or in email at I will answer as honestly and as directly as possible.

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