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If you follow this blog and Website you know that I am a survivor of what was a catastrophic motor vehicle accident, which resulted in a polytrauma in 2014. I continue to do my best to address each of my injuries in this website (see the various tabs) and blog about my subsequent rehabilitation (see frequently asked questions page for more information about HOPE TBI).
Through this whole process there are injuries that have been discovered which are somewhat subjective, some that are obviously causal, and then those that are absolutely empirical.  The most empirical injuries in a polytrauma are orthopedic injuries. Yet even with the vast knowledge, sacrifice, and dedication of our best orthopedic professionals, there is still more to learn about the body to facilitate repair and healing.  
At The Scapula Institute (St. Paul, MN) that is exactly what they do. Promote wellness, artistically and methodically delve into the seemingly impossible and make miracles happen.
I know this because I am one of their many success stories thanks to Dr. Peter Cole MD and his Trauma team.  Thanks to The Scapula Institute, Regions Hospital, Health Partners and St. Paul Radiology.  All of them. Working together in a cohesive way to affect change and dish up a bit of HOPE for those who have been cast out as hopeless.  I know this first hand after being told by numerous previous traumatologists that I just had to live with my injuries and they could not be fixed.  They were thankfully VERY wrong about my shoulder and the ability to have it fixed.
Dr. Peter Cole, MD is a visionary and progressive man and an artist with his Scalpel.  It is, in honor of his great works, and in true appreciation of having the majority of the use back in my right shoulder, that I (and HOPE TBI – which is essentially me too – lol) endorse The Scapula Institute and their endeavors.
It is rare to fracture your scapula.  In fact I did not just fracture mine, I shattered it.  That gives you a bit of an indication of the sheer force involved with the wreck and how truly blessed I am to still be here to talk about this.
Information taken from  The Scapula Institute  website: 
 “It is important to know that the majority of scapula fractures do not require surgery. The scapula has a rich blood supply, which helps fractures heal quickly. In addition, the surrounding muscles provide support for the bone during the healing process. These two factors can provide a very favorable environment for healing. There are, however, certain categories that may benefit from surgical intervention.
It is estimated that scapula fractures account for less than 1% of all fractures. It truly is a rare injury with few surgeons experienced in the surgical management of severe fracture variants. Please look through our site and then contact us regarding your specific needs. We are one of the world’s top research teams dedicated to all aspects of shoulder girdle trauma.”
The Scapula Institute has developed optimal diagnostic strategies in addition to pioneering advancements in the surgical treatment of complex fractures. “It is our goal to restore normal function to patients who have sustained injuries to the scapula, clavicle and shoulder girdle unit.”
 The Scapula Institute  has an International referral base. So don’t think that your ability to rehabilitate is limited by your location or Country you come from.

Let me know if you have any questions about my experiences.  I still have a long way to go….however, I am here…alive and able to complete my life journey…now with the use of both of my arms; man does it feel good to be able to hug with both arms again!!!

Never give up HOPE.

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