HOPE TBI – Bring Awareness Campaign

Hello There HOPE’sters.  We are thrilled to announce 2 awareness ads for this website for you to share in emails, in your social encounters both online and offline.

Below each video is a description of what the video is about and why it was created.

Feel free to click the “SHARE” button in the top of which video you like the best, to choose the sharing option you prefer.  SHARE SHARE SHARE….help us bring awareness to others.

This one was created with the thought in mind of how we can overcome anything with the right attitude, with awareness/education, and with proper support.  Support can come in the form of friends, family, providers, and even our own children.  It is important to remember to find our smile, to love, to laugh, and to embrace life and live it to it’s fullest – in spite of our seeming limitations and new realities.  That, in the end, we will be okay – because we have each other – we will overcome!

(of course bubbles always represented to me, a time of innocence, frivolity, and life’s possibilities – you never get too old for bubbles)


This one was created first and the song’s theme is “I will fight for you”.

I created this website with the idea of healing and fighting for myself and my recovery by learning and documenting as much as I could about my injuries…and then documenting what I had learned from my own experiences, documented research, and subjective interpretations.  I created the website with the desire of helping to fight for others with similar injuries (polytrauma or traumatic brain injuries) and help bring Awareness to as many people as possible.  I want it to be a global reach that says:

“Hey, you are not alone out there in your recovery.  You are not alone as a caregiver or a provider – you are not alone with the questions you have, the symptoms you feel, and the life you are struggling to make work for yourself or others”.    

I want this video to be something that is remembered.  Whether you hear the words “I will fight for you” as a song to yourself in your own mind to help you keep going – because your life is truly worth living; or as a representation of your desire to support and advocate for others….that you will fight for them, no matter what; or as a reminder that this site is a place you can come to share, get information, and feel like you are in a place that cares and understands.

The blooming flowers in the video are Cherry Blossom Trees.  This has been symbolic for me for quite some time now.  See our page under CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE PICS.


(any ideas or comments welcome – please post them below or email us through our Contact page)

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