Our Newest HOPEster – Stephen Bristow – Survivor

Let us introduce you to Stephen Bristow. He is from Michigan and has a unique story of how the system sometimes fails it’s children. This story also drives home the importance of adequate services and interventions that are both compassionate, ongoing, and swift; a stark reminder of just how far we have come with the treatment of Brain Injury over the years, and how much further we have yet to go.

“I was young about five years old or younger when I sustained my first traumatic brain injury. This was caused by my father. He was very abusive. He was also a Navy man. The second traumatic brain injury I recall happening around 7 or 8 years old, and had something to do with baseball The one titled “mother” was not around most of the time. When she was, she was also abusive, and I sustained many beatings from her. She was employed at a Utility service…….”