National Concussion Awareness Day

Today is National Concussion Awareness Day, started by Brooke Mills in 2016.



National Concussion Awareness Day is celebrated on the 3rd Friday of September. Bringing awareness prompts you to study the signs of concussions and take them seriously, as they are a brain injury.

Concussions have become an epidemic in the United States, with millions of traumatic brain injuries happening each year.

A concussion should be suspected if there have been both: A blow to, or sudden whiplash injury of, the head, and any of the following symptoms:

•Dizziness or poor balance
•Sensitivity to light or noise
•Blurry vision
•Feeling in a fog
•Feeling generally not right
•Trouble sleeping
•Trouble concentrating or remembering
•Irritability or emotionality
•Nervousness or anxiety
•Brief loss of consciousness

If an individual experiences a hit to the head coupled with any of the above symptoms, a concussion should be suspected and the individual should be removed from sports until evaluated by a provider trained in concussion care.

As concussion gains more of an international spotlight, there’s still a shortage of doctors equipped to handle concussions. #hope_tbi

HOPE TBI Co-OP and Exchange

Come visit us at the HOPE TBI Co-op and Exchange. Currently serving The United States and US Territories.

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